That first moment of taking a breath underwater is life changing. Being in the moment where nothing else matters except the silence and weightlessness surrounding you is a unique and healing feeling.

The underwater world has much more to offer than what your eyes will see. All the thoughts and stress that kept your mind busy on the surface surrender to an inner peace balanced by the sound of your breathing and the feeling to be one with the surrounding water.

It is an awkward sensation for one to be able Let Go completely while being in total control and harmony with oneself. Beyond the freedom and the sense of wonder, the challenge of Diving can also convey an inner feeling of accomplishment to those who master the skills and techniques that eventually transform the moment into a blissful and effortless experience. It requires practice and dedication but most of all passion.

The reward is priceless as it leads you to better mental and physical control of yourself beyond the feeling of exploring a whole new world.

You go down to the bottom of the sea, where the water isn’t even blue anymore, where the sky is only a memory, and you float there, in the silence...