For a long time, my passion both for diving and for photography seemed incompatible, afraid that one would distract the peacefulness of the other. I also mistook the subject of underwater photography limiting it to marine life pictures, I had lost interest in over the years ... until I started Technical Diving.

My visual interest then shifted to seeing through the Technical Divers' armour beyond the aesthetic of the heavy configuration involved and to portraying my interpretation of one's inner space when immersed. From light to darkness, from open water to overhead, each environment conveys a mix of ingredients which create a unique atmosphere for the shot. To supplement the reality of it, I try to combine the feeling it generates with my own style.

Trajan TWO design.png

The past years, my dedication to training divers mixed together with more cave diving activities prevented me from carrying heavy photography equipment.

My belief that videos are the best support for a dive analysis led me to use smaller cameras. Post processing stills extracted from videos allows me both to memorise a specific environment like caves or wrecks and to share those memories with the diving community extending the pleasure of the underwater experience itself. 

AUDREY CUDEL TECHNICAL is specialised into capturing stills out of the videos shot during immersions.

  • For private or commercial usage, AUDREY CUDEL TECHNICAL offers underwater photography and video services :

    • Willing to immortalise one unique moment underwater into a canvas or metal print to hang back home on your walls?

    • Just keen on using a digital version of your picture eas your computer desktop? 

    • Thinking of having this special wreck or cave photo printed on a tee shirt or your diving truck?

    • Are you after an underwater picture to illustrate your website or your article in a magazine?

    • Why not turn your shop, classroom or restaurant into an ‘out of this world’ design displaying a series of underwater photographs? 

All existing pictures published on this website and related social media can be purchased, enlarged and/or printed on the format of your choice. Exclusivity can also be given upon request. 

Should you have a specific project in mind, let’s get in touch and discuss it together.