Bart (Master Instructor, Tec50, Intro to Cave) Cavern, 2018, Intro to Cave 2019

No shortage of underwater photographers. There are endless breathtaking photos of the natural beauty of manta rays, nudibranches and corals. Rare are those who can also make beautiful images of a normal training day, the darkside of caves or the deep interior of wrecks. That's how I got to know Audrey in the first place. I convinced my instructor-friend Tom to take a cavern course together with Audrey in Gozo. We were a little nervous. After all, Audrey would personally come to pick us up at our hotel. Perfectly on time, a heavy-duty pimped-up pick-up truck drove in, the music was turned down a bit and the cigarette extinguished. A bronzed francaise with a toothpaste smile welcomed us warmly. It was just the beginning of what would grow into a true adventure and beautiful friendship. Tom and myself have a busy job. When we go diving together, we look for relaxation. Audrey leaves room for fun and humor during the theory and landdrills.

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During the dives, you have to keep your wits. Of course she respects the standards of the diving organization, but at the same time she offers much more. From her extensive experience in sidemount-, tec- and cavediving, she knows how to discover personal improvement points really quickly. Underwater you should not try to imitate her. She acts like a true octopus. She manages to trim, organize, plan and film all at the same time. Her body effortlessly squeezes itself through the narrowest restrictions. Audrey takes a brand independent approach. Every part must prove itself. Her debriefings are unprecedentedly good, but confrontational. Every detail is on the video and rest assured she didn't miss anything. Many people love her photos. In reality, they are just snapshots of so much more! For me she is one of the best instructors I have ever had. She knows how to enchant people for diving.

After our introduction in 2018, we went back in 2019. In the meantime, we are planning 2020.

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Stephane (CMAS N3) SM Workshops & Practice Dives, 2019
GOZO – 7 jours – Mai 2019. Audrey m’a proposé un cycle de plongées « hybride », avec au menu : 2 journées de remise à niveau et reprise des bases SIDEMOUNT puis 5 journées d’explorations. Audrey est une instructrice attentive, qui repose les bases et ne loupe aucune faute ! Toutes les plongées étant filmées (une première pour moi), j’ai pu comprendre beaucoup sur mes erreurs et défauts et travailler efficacement la technique sur toute la durée du séjour. Elle m’a également fait bénéficier de son expérience pour affiner ma configuration. Enfin, Audrey est une instructrice qui ne s’arrête pas au constat mais cherche systématiquement à expliquer les raisons. Que du bonheur pour qui souhaite s’améliorer. Cerise sur le gâteau, quelques beaux clichées de la part d’ Audrey pour de beaux souvenirs, sur une île où il fait bon se reposer avec beaucoup de bonne humeur ! Merci Audrey’.


Lucas (Dive Master) SM & Tech SM Courses, 2018
‘Audrey really elevated my sidemount and tech diving skill-set to whole new level. Her elite training, patience, honesty, no-corner-cutting, and incredible level of experience (I could listen to her cave stories for hours) combined to accelerate me rapidly and confidently through the tech diving wormhole into the darkside. On top of being a diving guru, she is just about the most like-able person you will ever meet. I could never recommend her enough!’


Yorn (Diver) Cavern & Intro to Cave Courses, 2017
‘When i did my Cavern & Intro to Cave with Audrey she guided me into a whole new world of diving. demanding, unforgiving and accepting nothing but perfection she made sure that I can handle any situation in a non-forgiving environment. Her presence, professionalism and French charm are matchless. Like Bootcamp with Ice-Cream. I loved it and can't think of anyone better to bring me to next level.’


Scott (Technical Instructor) SM Course, 2014

‘Audrey is the kind of instructor that you can learn and endless amount from, in all aspects of diving. A fantastic diver and photographer, but also a really nice and humble person.’


Mirco (Diver) SM, Cavern & Intro to Cave courses, 2016-2017
‘Visiting Gozo the first time, I truly felt inspired by diving the caverns and rock formations, so decided to look for future training in similar environments. This way I discovered Gozo and started my Sidemount and Cave training with Audrey Cudel. I cannot recommend anyone more than her. She is a very dedicated Sidemount and Cave Diver and Instructor, has impeccable knowledge about this activity and the environment and is also a very talented underwater photographer. Also she has marked pedagogical skills and a good mindset for teaching. The training is conducted in a tough, demanding, and thorough manner in the best standards available. A large number of training courses is scheduled all year around enabling good access to cave diving training and individual arrangements are possible upon consultation.

Overall, it must be said that the contact and training with Audrey substantially inspired and stimulated my further diving activities.’


Yurii (Cavern) Cavern, Intro to Cave & Full Cave Courses, 2017
‘The only thing that makes difference between "just another diving instructor" and THE instructor is not just professionalism, sharing experience and knowledge, but also person "infecting" students with passion to diving, beliefs, supporting the student and make the student believe in himself no matter what is the his diving background or previous diving experience. Audrey is THE instructor I could ever recommend to anyone and I'd wish she was my first diving instructor.’


Magnus (Tech Diver & Dive Master) SM, Cavern & Intro to Cave Courses, 2015
”I first contacted Audrey to properly learn the concepts of sidemounting a few years back. Not only did she have expert teaching abilities in sidemount. She also expanded my general knowledge and skills in many other areas of diving. One could tell that she had gained this knowledge out of first hand experience. Audrey also introduced me to cave-diving a while later and it was once again a solid professional experience. I will never forget my first dive in Nohoch Nah Chich..."


Emma & Stephan (Tech Divers) SM, Cavern, Intro & Full Cave courses from 2016 on … ‘We have been training with Audrey (Gozo Technical Diving) for a couple of years now (Intro to Cave, Side Mount and then Full Cave). We both feel really lucky to have learnt so much from someone who clearly knows all things cave and side mount. Personally she has massively improved my confidence in the water. Training has been hard work (as it should be!) but we also had a lot of fun and Audrey has become a friend to both of us. She always goes the extra mile to help us out and takes absolutely amazing photos, which we always look forward to seeing at the end of the day. We can not speak highly enough of both Audrey and Gozo much so that we have recommended her to all our diving friends in the UK 😊


Max (Tech Diver) TechSM & Full Cave refresher, 2016
Audrey Cudel’s beautiful pictures of sidemount- wreck and cavedivers made me come to gozo to meet her in person and learn from her. Being away from tech-diving for a while I did not only learn how to properly dive sidemount. She also boosted my interest in making better underwatervideos, training harder for my goals and getting more confident in tight spaces again. Seing her pictures and videos makes me feel like being with her , they are pieces of art and one can feel the presence of a great diver.
Like always great people are a magnet for other great people and so I made friends there with great attitude and wisdom.
I owe her one of the most peaceful dives in a cave I ever had and I also owe her a lot of loughs during my stays there. Can't wait to come back ! ps : hard to keep it short, could go on writing for a while ;-)

Gav (Tech Diver) Tech courses, Cavern & Intro to Cave Courses, 2015
‘Having made the decision to improve my level of diving at an early stage, and by exposure to a number of very positive recommendation from the UK and on holiday in Corfu, I booked an Intro to Tech with Audrey in 2015. At the time I had around 30 dives in total but had been amazed at the level of control in the water I had seen from what I had come to learn to be divers with technical dive training. I was also fascinated with the difference in kit and process. Audrey approached our training with an equal balance of seriousness and attention to detail, and humour and patience. Her level of professionalism and knowledge of the subject was inspiring, and we managed to complete the Intro to Tech and also Advanced Nitrox with simulated run time and Backmount, in a way that i can only describe as a total pleasure.


I since went on to train further with Audrey in Cavern and Intro to Cave which was a demanding but very satisfying set of courses which were performed in Sidemount. Audrey herself being involved in the Mexico cave diving scene and exploration made her one of the most informed instructors in this particular area, and it is clear that years of experience had gone into each and every detail I was trained on.
Something that also struck me when training with Audrey is that she will never just stop at the syllabus, but gives her knowledge of wider experiences as context to every point taught. There is also no end of advise when it comes to kit, and you can be safe in the knowledge that she will have tried and tested all that she describes for some time, to be sure she passes on something way more than a catalogue description. The additional tuning of set up, advice post training, and the honest and intelligent approach to explaining reasoning were truly awe inspiring and I believe have made me a far better and more rounded diver, which is a credit to her warm and approachable style.
I could not recommend Audrey more whole heartedly. She is a dedicated and passionate instructor who leaves no stone unturned. I feel honoured to have been given the gift of her experience, and to hopefully one day pass that on to others’.


Michael (Diver) SM Course, 2017
Audrey, you have challenged me! You showed me my limits! You comforted me and rebuilt me again. But I do not regret one minute with you! Audrey, you are training your student with passion and do not just a job! I've learned a lot about sidemount diving, but also about life.
Audrey, I hope we will have many more awesome dives together, long de-briefings with "sidemount-coffees" and even more of your phantastic fotos! I come back, really! ‘