If you don’t feel you are getting the most out of your current diving skill set in open water or any overhead environments, let’s work together and analyse any gaps that might make you feel overweighted, unstable, unbalanced or anxious when facing a specific situation underwater.


A master is a beginner that kept beginning

WORKSHOPS are available for certified divers aiming at taking their skills to the next level in :

  • Single tank

  • Sidemount & Technical Sidemount

  • Twinset (with or without stages)

We will review your overall configuration set up and optimise every aspect of your diving. Not all techniques are adapted for every diver and we will adjust them to suit your needs. Please feel free to share your current diving experience, what configuration you are using, where you struggle and what you want to enhance. Any short videos introducing your current skill level are more than welcome. If you know you can do better, then let’s analyse how to do better. Sometimes it just takes a small step to move on along your diving journey.

Duration : days as needed.

Rates vary depending on courses, location of the class, certifying agency.