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AUDREY CUDEL TECHNICAL offers Guided Dive Services to certified Sidemount & Technical Sidemount Divers, Cavern & Cave Divers in Gozo, Mexico, France and wherever she might travel to. She is also organising Guided Diving trips to Hungary, France, Florida for individuals willing to join a limited group of divers sharing the same passion.

All the logistics will be taken care of upfront based on configuration and dive planning choices agreed on together.

If you have a specific place in mind that you would like to explore, I am open to all suggestions otherwise I am happy to recommend some dive sites appropriate for your level of experience & your personal interests into diving shall it be Topography, Marine Life, Shipwrecks, Caves or Mines.

All dives will be filmed and videos handed over to you. however Photography service is only guaranteed if booking a Photo Shoot Session.