Atlantis Diving Centre is the largest recreational and technical facility in Gozo with huge premises. Managed by Brian and Stephania Azzopardi, they strive to achieve the highest standards throughout their business, whether it is organising your special holiday, catering for your holiday accommodation or replacing your broken fin strap. They are one of only two dive centres on the Maltese Islands with full EUF accreditation.  They are one of the friendliest dive centres with a large percentage of customers returning each year. Their team of fully qualified instructors can provide you with any additional training you desire from basic diving courses to technical mixed-gas diving

They support Audrey Cudel Technical with all necessary equipment and facility access (classroom, rinsing and equipment storage, …) for Sidemount, Technical Sidemount and Cave training or guiding. Whether you prefer deep or shallow, caverns or caves, boat or shore, wreck or scenic, day or night dives they arrange it all. Have a browse around their site and take a look at their video. More than a partnership, “We all simply love to dive”


Scuba training should not be limited to meeting in person only. Based on this simple and accurate concept, Steve Martin has been developing a whole range of online video based training dealing with various configurations and diving environments all available on Sidemounting.com. Whether your a newly certified or highly experienced recreational, technical diver or dive instructor, Sidemounting.com online training will benefit you.

It is modular in design so you can watch and re-watch all sections as many times as you like, each course is broken down into small manageable sections, each with many 3, 5, 10 or 15 minute single videos. You just choose your chosen equipment configuration, backmount single & twinset, sidemount or technical multi-cylinder. A student during their course can easily recall previously learned information, then focus 100% on underwater skills. This maximises students and instructors time, resulting in skills being better performed and absorbed during training. You can pre-study weeks before your actual training course, develop awareness of your weaknesses before in-water training, have online skill videos to benchmark your in-water skills against and eventually re-use online training courses to refresh knowledge & skills.

Sidemounting.com together with Audrey Cudel Technical aim at developing your awareness as a diver : you can see it, hear it and experience it joining eventually for in-water sessions.


Planet Scuba Mexico is one of the most modern dive shop with brand new state-of-the art scuba gear and highly professional staff. On 170m2 (1,900ft2) you’ll find everything you expect – and probably more – from a professional dive center. All areas of our shop have been carefully planned and give you a great welcome to the world of scuba diving. They can organise your daily diving excursions, courses and technical diving programs.

Managed by Markus Teupe, Planet Scuba Mexico team consists of passionate recreational scuba instructors, technical & cave instructors, professional underwater photographers and instructor trainers. They support each one in striving to become even better in what they do and love in a friendly atmosphere.

Planet Scuba Mexico together with Audrey Cudel Technical fulfil your first goal : you are here to DIVE – and we take care of the logistics. We understand that you are here to do what you love so much and we are here to make it possible.


A unique place in France where you will find : a cave diving school, a state of the art filling station, a basic dry suits repairs, a cave and scuba diving equipment shop but most of all a professional and friendly atmosphere.

Created and managed by Olivier Berthiaux, Oliv’Air : The Cave To Be is
located in the center of Quercy / Lot, the number one cave diving destination in Europe (and the 3rd in the world). The school, exclusively dedicated to cave diving, provides all types of training levels towards this fascinating world following TDI / IANTD / GUE training standards. The Cave To Be is the only local all year round open cave diving school and facility in France.

Audrey Cudel Technical organises cave trips there for groups or individuals throughout the year.


Molnar Janos Cave Dive Center’s goal offers a well organised and perfectly equipped facility with professional services and advices to ensure an awesome dive experience in its unique underwater cave system, located in the heart of Budapest. The dive center managed by Attila Hosszu reopened in 2015. Molnár János cave is welcoming all year around with warm (constant 20-28 Celsius degrees) and crystal clear water holding some of the finest stone and crystal formations on the limestone walls. There are no strong currents within the cave, the water flows very slowly.

The location is also ideal to enjoy one or two days in the Eastern side of Budapest diving Kobanya Mine : a labyrinth of limestone passages. Many of the iconic bulldings of the city was built from this limestone. Later winemakers used them as cellars, and from the 20th century Dreher Brewery owned the place. During WW II a hidden plane engine factory was here. Nowadays some of the rooms under water: you can dive in the cold but clear water some exciting parts of the Mine. Although most of these underwater industrial remains can be dived only with cave certification, one of the spots is accessible for all divers. You shouldn't expect a typical mine diving, these are basically flooded rooms and cellars of a factory, so there aren't rails but stairs. 

Audrey Cudel Technical organises cave trips there for groups or individuals throughout the year.