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AUDREY CUDEL TECHNICAL is an authorized dealer for the following brands. Should you not find a specific piece of equipment in the store, just contact me


AUDREY CUDEL TECHNICAL does not aim to sell anything and everything. One can dream of going to the moon but as hard as he tries to fly he will not achieve it without boarding on the right spaceship. Before being an industry, diving is a passion and in order to achieve your goal, proper equipment is required.

In these times we live in, we are lucky enough to have better technology to support our dreams. Some of it mixed with the imagination of professional divers and designers can play a major role in what you aim to achieve. Some equipment might be perfect out of the box, some might require additional imagination … the dream is the limit.

All equipment advertised by AUDREY CUDEL TECHNICAL has been long term tested, approved and supported by a long lasting after-sales support of manufacturers whenever needed.